Youth Public Open Procurement (YouthPOP).

Connect Youth People with Opportunities based on Public Procurement.

YouthPOP Project develops an e-tool to empower youth to engage with Public Procurement Processes

Goal 1

Maximize the Success of Young Enterpreneurs , in Public Procurement Contracts

Develop a Network of Companies Owned by Young People

Familiarize Young People with Public Procurement Procedure

Goal 2

Quality Employment for All. Easy Access to Info

Analyze the most popular Skills and Sectors based on CPV.

Info about Living Conditions and Income Parameters in EU Countries.


Some Fine
Words About Us

YouthPOP Project tries to develop a platform and present valuable and simplified info about Young People who are looking for Trends about Job's Sectors and Young People who (co-) own a(SME or not) Company and they are looking to maximize its success to Public Procurement Contracts. That includes co-operations with other companies (mainly owned by Young People).

YouthPOP Project presents the trends of Contract Award Notices during the years 2018-2020. Based on these open data, YouthPOP Project extracts info about the most popular CPVs in Public Procurement during these years. Based on that, YouthPOP Project makes a connection between the most popular CPVs and Skills /Degrees/JobSectors in EU countries. YouthPOP Project presents the Probability of Success per Open Notice for Young People who own a SME or a NON-SME Company. Each Parameter of this Tree has been trained according to the Contract Award Notices (Open Data Europa) during the years 2018-2020 and the, submitted by the Young Owner, profile parameters.

Last but not least, YouthPOP Project introduces ConnPOP Social Network Platform. The target of this Network is the Personal Development (Socializing) and the in-common Bid to Open Notices.


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YouthPOP Project won the Second Prize in EU DATATHON 2022!

25 October 2022

Looking Forward to Next Steps for further development of YouthPOP!

Next Step....

26 June 2022

Looking Forward in Final! See you at 20th Of October

YouthPOP Project is one of 3 Final Teams to EU Datathon 2022!

15 July 2022

Looking Forward in Final! See you at 20th Of October

YouthPOP Project is one of 6 Final Teams to EU Datathon 2022!

April 2022

YouthPOP is one of the 6 Final Apps on EU Datathon 2022 - Category 3 !